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Leadership development experts reveal a powerful framework for an ally mindset that sets everyone up for success?including yourself. From a trio of authors, best friends, and leadership development consultants, Better Work Together is a book for leaders who want to improve?at leading, yes, but also at their lives. How so? By building deep, long-lasting relationships that set everybody up for success. One of the most important indicators of individual, team, and organizational success is the presence of an ally mindset. When we have best friends at work?people who are with us, in good times and bad, and who help ensure we make it through together?we thrive. When we don?t, we flail, and eventually crash and burn, leaving only a smoking hulk of debris behind as evidence that they were ever even there. Through their extensive work with clients that include Google, National Geographic, Microsoft, and many more, the authors have discovered the framework for an ally mindset includes five key parts: – Abundance and generosity – Connection and compassion – Courage and vulnerability – Candor and debate – Action and accountability In Better Work Together, they share valuable lessons on each of these aspects, to show you how to be a better friend at work, and how doing so leads to greater happiness, collaboration, and business outcomes.

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Eric Spencer, Morag Barrett