Yoga For Super Immunity


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Immune response depends on a person’s stress tolerance, toxicity of the system, pH level of the blood, glandular health, digestion, nutrition, sunlight, the condition of the bone marrow, environmental pollution and subconscious belief. Therefore, some herbs or a few asanas and pranayamas are not always enough to prevent serious infections such as Covid. To make the immune system super strong so that it can destroy the deadliest invaders as well as cancer-causing body cells, it is essential to eliminate the offending factors and enhance the beneficial ones.

Yoga for Super Immunity contains techniques to detoxify the system, de-stress the mind, plant the right belief in the subconscious, maintain correct pH value and improve the functions of all the concerned body parts. It also advises on right diet and the necessary lifestyle changes. A right routine followed diligently can safeguard you not just from infections but from almost all diseases.