The World Chasing The Cup


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World Cup Football means new and exceptional talents, out-of-the-box strategies, jaw-dropping excitement, magnificent goals, and a thrilling atmosphere. But that’s not all! There are many hidden anecdotes and plentiful incredible facts associated with it. The most prestigious football tournament on earth has been marred by the World Wars, theft of the trophy, political interference, scams, ‘Hand of God’, infamous head-butts, spitting and biting, failed dope test, and an own goal that even led to a tragic murder. Clinching the title brought festivity in one nation while the other mourned in defeat. The World Chasing the Cup not only brings alive the most memorable and humorous moments from its 88 years of colourful history, but also remembers and pays homage to yesteryear star players, who mesmerized the world. The bonus in this book is the section on the origin and evolution of this beautiful game. Overall, the book is an out-and-out visual delight, a time-machine ride with hilarious cartoons, caricatures and comic strips, which football fans of all ages will enjoy equally.