The Science Of Intermittent Fasting


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Intermittent fasting is a phenomenon that is currently one of the world?s most popular health and fitness trends. It involves alternating cycles of fasting and eating. It isn’t a diet but an eating pattern. It does not include specific rules about what foods to eat, rather when you should eat them. Why intermittent fasting is becoming so popular is because of one reason?it works. Here are some real benefits ? experience weight loss and belly fat, with quick, visible results ? feel more energetic ? lower your risk of type2 diabetes ? boost your immune system – fight new cancer cells ? increase your life span ? slow down your ageing – feel younger and healthier the science of intermittent fasting, scientifically guides you on how to do intermittent fasting correctly for optimum benefits. Through this book you can explore some specific and tailored ways, which you can implement and completely transform your health and achieve your weight loss goals. It?s time to take charge of your life!.

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Michael Vanderschelden