The Definitive Guide To NetBeans Platform


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The Definitive Guide to NetBeans™ Platform is a thorough and definitive introduction to the NetBeans Platform, covering all its major application programming interfaces (APIs) in detail, with relevant code examples used throughout. The original German book on which this title is based was well received. The NetBeans platform community has put together this English translation, which author Heiko Böck updated to cover NetBeans platform 6.5 APIs. With an introduction by known NetBeans platform experts Jaroslav Tulach, Tim Boudreau, and Geertjan Wielenga, this is the most up-to-date book on this topic. All NetBeans platform developers will be interested in purchasing it, because several topics in the book have not been documented anywhere else. What you’ll learn Discover the NetBeans platform’s problem domain: scalable, well-architected Swing applications via modularity How to get started with the NetBeans Platform How to get the very latest NetBeans platform 6.5 APIs How to master the Module system How to use actions, lookups, file access, visualization, and more How to build a user interface and the elements it comprises, including graphical components, standard components, internationalization, and more How to create an application using persistence, web services, update facilities, and more How to extend NetBeans with tips and tricks How to cap your NetBeans experience with the sample MP3 Manager Project Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Structure of the NetBeans Platform 3. The Module System 4. Actions 5. User Interface Design 6. Lookup 7. File Access and Display 8. Graphical Components 9. Reusable NetBeans Platform Components 10. Internationalization and Localization 11. Real-World Application Development 12. Updating a NetBeans Platform Application 13. Persistence 14. Web Services 15. Extending the NetBeansIDE 16. From Eclipse RCP to the NetBeans Platform 17. Tips and Tricks 18. Example: MP3 Manager