The Chippendales Murders


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In 1987, a heroin addict murdered an Emmy Award-winning choreographer in Manhattan. A wealthy LA surgeon and his teenaged son were targeted. In 1991, an out-of-work redneck flew to London with cyanide to poison three members of a male exotic dance troupe. If the poison didn’t work, he was told to use a hammer to beat them to death. These seemingly unrelated horrific crimes ultimately reveal the chain of events that ended in brutal deaths.

Opening in the post-pill, pre-AIDS, sex-filled ’80s LA club scene, celebrities, desperate housewives and wild bachelorettes converged on one place?Chippendales, a popular male strip club owned by Steve Banerjee. The Chippendales Murders strips away the web of secrets behind the glamorously gripping story of the rise and untimely fall of the male revue?a controversial yet cultural phenomenon of its time. And what unravels is a sprawling true-crime saga replete with sinister conspiracies, arson, racketeering and cold murder.

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K Scot Macdonald