The Business Of Friendship


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Want to be happier, healthier, and enjoy your job more? Make better friends at work. The data is in. It is virtually impossible to feel connected and supported in life when we don?t feel that way where we spend most of our time?at work. Whether we work remotely or in an Office, who we interact with consistently impacts everything from our longevity and mental health to our career success and job satisfaction. Unfortunately, too many of us don?t feel like we belong at work in the ways we need. In addition to the 20% of us who report feeling Lonely at work almost all the time, 60% of us report feeling it at least half the time. and that disconnection is taking a toll: more stress and burnout, less energy, decreased loyalty to our company, and increased dread for ?Monday morning.? in the business of friendship, shasta Nelson, a friendship expert, unpacks the distinct ways we can make work relationships The healthiest they can be, both for the sake of the employee and the mission of the company. She inspires readers to see why friendship is crucial to our health and our careers and teaches us exactly how to develop the supportive and meaningful connection we need. Our organizations benefit as well when our leaders encourage friendships at work. The outcome is higher levels of workplace productivity, employee retention, safety, innovation, collaboration, and profitability. In fact, having a best friend at work we are seven times more engaged in our job, which translates to less absenteeism, fewer workplace accidents, and more loyalty to our organizations. The best employees are the ones who feel connected.Work is to adults as school is to kids?a consistent place with familiar people. But too few of us are taking advantage of this environment. This leaves us no other choice but to try to get all our relational needs met in our off-work hours, where most of us already report feeling ?too busy.? The result? We stay Lonely, wishing for more meaningful connection. Through shasta?s stories, research, and practical guidance, she breaks down what creates healthy bonds and reveals the 3 requirements necessary in all healthy relationships and teams helps managers and employees assess the health of their relationships and learn ways to repair and improve them provides advice for addressing some of the biggest fears around workplace friendships, such as increased drama, favoritism, confidentiality, gossip, toxic co-workers, relationship with bosses, and potential romantic attractions. The business of friendship is for those who are ready to maximise the two most significant factors of our wellbeing?career and relationships. Whether you are a leader or an employee, when you feel more connected and supported at work, everyone wins.

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