The Battle For IIT’s: A Defense Of Meritocracy


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This book is part of a series that started with the flagship Snakes in the Ganga: Breaking India 2.0 in September 2022. The present volume focuses on the American project led by Harvard University to dismantle the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and other institutions of excellence in India, by claiming that they propagate structural casteism. While it is beyond the scope of this book to discuss in detail Marxism, Postmodernism and other European intellectual movements of the last 150 years, the fact is that these movements have influenced what has culminated in this current battle against the IITs. Simply put, we will show that: The IITs are under attack. There are legal implications of this attack. It has severe consequences for the IITs, its students and faculty, India, and engineering education. The consequences of this attack will follow the IIT engineer and other tech professionals to their workplace anywhere in the world. Harvard?s Woke machinery is behind this attack and we need to understand the sophistication that backs it. Our evidence-based rebuttal gives IITians and other engineers the toolkit to tackle false accusations of being casteist bigots. We end with a call to action by IITians and other stakeholders.

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Rajiv Malhotra