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Textbook of Computer Science: for Class XI has been designed to give students of Class XI a fresh perspective on computers and their applications. Unlike other textbooks on computer science that are unnecessarily complicated, the author has taken care to prepare the material so that it gives a proper introduction to computers for somebody who has no knowledge about the subject. The textbook offers a comprehensive coverage on all the topics in computer science that has been prescribed by CBSE syllabus Code 083. It provides a detailed discussion about computing concepts so as to provide a clear picture on the working of computers. Textbook of Computer Science gives students the first step into the world of computers, incorporating concepts of programming, operating systems, problem solving techniques, C++ programming language, representation of data, and a knowledge of the fundamental computer hardware.

The book contains illustrated examples on programming. The book also contains practical exercises that help the student to develop an understanding of the practical application of the theory. Practice questions are provided at the end of each chapter, making it suitable for self study.

The author, Seema Bhatnagar has been meticulous in researching and breaking down the concepts into a language that can be easily grasped by young minds. Published in 2007 by School Books, the textbook is available in paperback.