Only When Its Us Book 1


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A college sports romance about a women’s soccer star and her surly lumberjack lookalike classmate, complete with a matchmaking professor, juvenile pranks, and a smoking slow burn…

Why she hates me, I don’t know. What I do know is that Willa Sutter is the kind of chaos I do not need in my tidy life. Wild hair, wilder eyes. Bee-stung lips that should be illegal. A temper that makes the devil seem friendly. And she has turned our Business Mathematics course into a gladiator arena. . .

Rather than give me the lecture notes I missed like every other professor, I have been told to get them from the silent, surly flannel-wearing mountain man sitting next to me in class. Well, I tried. And what did I get from Ryder Bergman? Ignored.

As a female soccer player, I’ve battled men before. But with Ryder, it’s war. And victory is going to taste so, so sweet…

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Chloe Liese