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A leader in men?s development shares a candid, no-nonsense resource for men who want fulfillment, freedom, and healthy relationships. This is the step-by-step doctrine men are taught: ?Suck it up. Stuff it down. Pour a bottle of whiskey over the top. Rinse and repeat until sufficiently numbed.? Men have traded in their internal leadership, sovereignty, and even masculinity, all in an effort to lessen the pain of living in today?s world. Where is the modern-day strength training for the hearts and minds of men? In Men?s Work, ManTalks founder Connor Beaton offers the tactical, self-led guide men have been looking for. He destigmatizes inner work by reframing it as a kind of psychological warrior training that many men can relate to and have been craving. Beaton walks you through a framework of facing the hidden and rejected aspects of yourself that cause self-sabotage, anxiety, and depression. Using real-life stories from men he?s coached while guiding you through practical, accessible exercises, he takes you on a three-part journey to uncovering, facing, and freeing yourself from psychological and emotional obstacles. Men?s Work focuses on the unique challenges faced by men with core psychological and emotional wounds?while giving them the tools to heal and return to society in a way that is both empowering personally and beneficial for all. ?The goal of this work is not only to become a better man,? says Beaton, ?but a better participant in the collective enterprise of living. True freedom awaits.?

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