How To Make Money Trading Options


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How to Make Money Trading Options without Worrying about the Market’s Direction This is a pioneering book on using options to generate regular income through non-directional trading, namely making money without really having to predict the underlying stock’s or market’s direction. It reveals and explains: The concept and nature of non-directional options trading Why non-directional trading doesn’t require much analysis of charts or price patterns, etc. How to construct non-directional option trading strategies How non-directional option strategies can easily be repeated to produce a monthly paycheck for the trader How to fine tune these strategies to suit your trading style. The centerpiece of the book is the thorough exposition and analysis of a powerful, tested non-directional options trading strategy. The author dissects the strategy with the help of real life examples and 150 plus charts, highlighting how to manage non-directional trades through various stages and situations. The book will equally benefit directional traders through its lucid explanation of popular options strategies of leveraging, hedging and speculation ? and even for buying stocks cheaper by using options. Plus, of course, it will enable options traders to diversify and generate income through non-directional trading as well.

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Balkrishna M Sadekar