How To Make A Fortune Through Mutual Funds


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How to make a fortune through mutual funds
This book reveals how you can make extraordinary returns from mutual funds far beyond the steady, tortoise-like index parity trot most investors are used to. The key lies in grasping the point that mutual funds deliver only when the markets are rising. You lose money by holding on to them in down markets. So, the conventional mutual fund mantras of all-weather regular investing through systematic investment plans and long term holding won’t make you rich. Mutual funds are a short term game. To make a fortune, you need to time your mutual fund investments and you need to trade mutual funds.
The unique benefits of mutual fund investing are widely known. You profit from a diversified portfolio of financial assets — stocks, bonds, commodities, etc. managed by an expert fund manager. Going much beyond fund mechanics and the familiar methods of investing in mutual funds, the book shows you how to make a fortune by applying the strategic power of mutual funds.

Find out:
Secrets of profitable mutual fund investing.
Benefits and risks of mutual fund investing
Why choosing the fund manager is your single most important decision and how to choose one
How to pick the right funds for different market conditions
How to time your mutual fund entries and exits.
When do different types of funds perform best active equity funds, index funds, ETFs, income funds, gilt funds, commodity funds, real estate funds
Mutual fund investing strategies and when to use which
How to trade mutual funds to leverage your returns
How to develop your skills of picking high return mutual funds and quickly exiting the duds.
And much else.

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