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For Degree Level Students Table of Contents Fungi Sub-Class : Hemiascomycetidae (Yeasts) Sub- Class : Euascomycetidae, Series – Plectomycetes Sub-Class : Euascomycetidae, Series-Hymenoascomycetes Sub-class : Euascomy-cetidae, Sub-series : Discomycetes The Higher Fungi, Class : Basidiomycetes Sub-class : Heterobasi-diomycetidae Uredinales-General characters. Sub-class : Homobasidiomycetidae Agaricales Polyporales Lycoperdales-General characters Form family : Dematiaceae Fungi : General Topics and Discussion SECTION II-SCHIZOMYCOTA AND VIRUSES Schizomycota : Bacteria Viruses and Viroids SECTION III – LICHENS Lichens SECTION IV ? PLANT DISEASES Plant diseases Examples of Important Plant diseases Fungal Diseases Bacterial Diseases Viral Diseases

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